THRIVE2O Alkaline Water product packaging
THRIVE2O Alkaline Water

Le-Vel’s THRIVE2O is a premium approach to daily hydration.

Unlike other pH waters, THRIVE2O does not use harsh chemicals to achieve our fusion alkaline water. Rather, THRIVE2O goes through a 4-step process designed to create superior results. First, THRIVE2O is purified through reverse osmosis. Second, it goes through our advanced ionization process, which breaks the water into its core acidic Hydrogen and alkaline Oxygen atoms. Third, we use an industry-leading Electrolysis process to draw the water through magnetically charged plates to separate the acidic Hydrogen from alkaline Oxygen. These 3 steps achieve a 9.75 pH water rating, and, when combined with the Fourth and Final step—adding premium Electrolytes—THRIVE2O reaches its optimal hydration effectiveness. Functional Water at its Best.

Simply put, THRIVE2O is a must-have for daily hydration.

Sustainability and Responsibility...

were critical factors for Le-Vel while developing THRIVE20. We demanded that every item associated with THRIVE20—bottle, cap, label, tray, shrink wrap and shipping boxes—were manufactured using 100% pre-recycled materials.

THRIVE2O Alkaline Water

Supports optimal hydration with a 9.75 pH rating

Infused with electrolytes

Premium ionization and electrolysis to ensure superior results