THRIVE Sculpt product packaging

SCULPTis a branch chain amino acid breakthrough, intended to fuel your body with lean muscle toning components. The bioavailability of this particular branch chain amino acid formula is a first of its kind.

Amino acids are needed to support strength, recovery, endurance, lean muscle development and muscle tissue repair.

SCULPT was further formulated to be incorporated with the THRIVE Experience 3-step routine (THRIVE Capsules, Shake Mix and DFT).

For best results, take SCULPT on an empty stomach along with THRIVE M/W capsules in the morning as step 1 of the 3-step THRIVE Experience. In addition, take SCULPT 15–30 minutes prior to a workout or exercise or before a meal. Up to 3 servings a day can be consumed.

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Source of essential amino acids

Assists in the building of lean muscle

Athletic support